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A 25-year-old enthusiastic individual, born and raised in Kuwait; graduated from the British School of Kuwait, who has always been passionate and eager to learn new things, thrived for success persistently and passionately for architecture in particular; eventually paving the path for me to pursue my bachelor’s degree in architecture at the American University of Sharjah, UAE.

I took my first pottery class during my fourth year of undergraduate studies, exactly one year after a major car accident, that changed my perspective completely. It made me realize that we exist at a critical point in history, where everyone needs to make a change.

For sure that accident changed me forever, it fractured my spinal cord! I have interpreted the word -change- into my architectural dictionary by proposing solutions that would positively impact the surroundings and its people, and to create innovative design concepts, unique in their forms and functions. I started looking outwards rather than inwards, searching for problems in architecture to solve rather than turning to the overused, readily available concepts. I realized that am sculpting my unique learning path with all dedication and positivity aiming for a better future in a very competitive environment.

Besides my architectural journey, I did not realize that my mental health was drastically going down, even though I was enjoying every painful all-nighter!

Until that very first pottery class!

It was weeks after diving into it, that I realized how . . .

Clay made me unconsciously calmer, always have hope, happy as a kid, fresh and ready to dive into my architecture world with more creative thoughts, as well as spreading positive energy to the surrounding after every class. It always pulls me back to a peaceful and quiet zone in my mind, where I can recall all the unpleasant events that have been repressed for years in my memory. Although the events cannot be changed or deleted, it can be more amicably resolved, when expressed through an object in your hands, confront it, and see it from a different perspective that would potentially solve it forever. Clay also made me gain back my physical health, where I was using my entire body with strong movements of hands and arms to mold it, appropriate position, postures, attention, body stability, the balance of the limbs, providing feelings of internal structuring, as well as cognitive and emotional effects.

– Clay “changed” me -

So, I think that no matter what your dream job/current position is, GPA, financial state, . . . etc.; you need to understand that waking up every day to perform daily routine tasks to eventually acquire your goal in life; will mentally and physically affect your health consciously or subconsciously in the long run.

Clay therapy studio is here to offer you one of the many other art therapy experiences, that can become a very essential and powerful tool in your life, as well as help you break your mundane routine, removes you from your comfort zone, and will eventually speed up your path to reaching your goal with even more creativity!

I am always interested in exploring new strategies that would positively affect our lives, as it always surprises me with the unanticipated challenges and unexpected results. I am eager to learn and enrich my knowledge with the endless “art therapy” tools and hoping to continue my explorations journey in desire for a better future. Finally, I always dream that one day I will hopefully be able to bring back and utilize all the knowledge and skills that I have acquired over the years to benefit the world, and leave my mark, starting in my home country, Egypt.

Special thanks to my family & friends 
My undergraduate Professor - Brian Dougan 
My personal trainner - Harsha Madagodage
Nothing would have been possible without them!!