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Lama Aljallal

Part-Time Ceramic Instructor

Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design.

Workshops Attended; 

+ Frommud, Kuwait

+ Clay Therapy Studio, Kuwait

- Introduction to Wheel throwing.


+ Frommud, Kuwait

- Under the teachings of Instructor Aisha Al-Saif.

- Introduction to all types of clay, glazes, and different processes.

- Plaster molds from scratch, mixed glazes from powder forms.                                                   

- Assisted around workshops as a junior instructor.

+ Clay Therapy Studio, Kuwait

- Under the teaching of Instructor Marina Nassif.

- Assisted as a junior instructor in wheel-throwing workshops.

- Assisted as a junior instructor in various kid's workshops.

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LAMA'S Story

Allow us to introduce you to Lama, an exceptional pottery instructor who brings a unique blend of creativity and quiet joy to our team. With a background in graphic design, Lama's journey into the world of pottery began to take shape during her undergraduate studies.


Despite her initial path, she found herself drawn to the tactile artistry of clay. Lama's dedication to honing her skills led her through a series of internships and hands-on experiences that gradually transformed her into the skilled artisan she is today.


The day Lama walked into our studio and participated in her first workshop, palpable energy radiated from her. It was at that moment that we recognized Lama's potential to become an integral part of our team. Although known for her calm demeanor, Lama's pottery sessions are a testament to her ability to infuse a sense of fun and enjoyment.


Her sessions are an embodiment of her quiet passion, creating an environment where creativity flows freely, and every participant finds themselves immersed in the joy of creation. Lama's presence adds a unique dimension to our team, and her sessions leave a lasting imprint on all who experience them.

Contact Lama

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+965 65557406

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