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  • Do you offer classes or workshops?
    We will be offering classes and workshops soon with the oppening of our studio, which will be announced on our Instagram page so stay tuned! Meanwhile, we offer pottery gathering workshops at public places which includes; 1- Wheel throwing pieces 2- Pinch pot activities 3- Hand building & sculpting pieces 4- Coloring final pieces to be fired Kids & addults sessions available!!
  • How can i book a pottery gathering workshop?
    You can book your own pottery gathering workshop by contacting us to set the time for your slot and plan ahead for it. You can contact us through email, Whatsapp, Instagram, or call us! A minimum of 5 attendees per event is required.
  • Can i make a special order with a requested design?
    Yes! You can place your special request order through our 'contact us' page or through email, whatsapp, and Instagram. We will propose to you the design according to your request and if approved, we will procceed with the works and deliver it to you once it's ready!
  • How do i recieve the items after placing an order?
    You can choose to either pick it up from our location (shown on the website) or have it delivered to you.
  • How long does it take for the order to be delivered to me?
    Items will be delivered within 5 days of placing the order. For special orders, the 5 days delivery will count after the proccess of approving the design and building it to the final piece.
  • Can i use your kiln to fire my own pieces of pottery?
    Yes! we do offer firings for people. Our kiln depth is 64 cm and the diameter is 60. Our prices are as follows; 1- Firing the whole kiln for your pieces = 170 K.D. 2- Using 1 shelf from the kiln to fire your pieces = 35 K.D.
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