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Dalia Alnassar

Part-Time Polymer Clay Instructor

Bachelor’s Degree in law 

Dalia stands out as an individual with an enduring passion for crafting handmade items, a passion that has been present throughout her journey. Faced with the challenge of pinpointing a pursuit where she could truly excel, she experienced a transformative moment one Wednesday when the idea of starting her own business took root in her mind. Intrigued by the prospect, she embarked on a thorough exploration of potential crafting avenues, ultimately discovering the versatile medium of polymer clay.

What sets Dalia apart is not just her discovery of polymer clay but how she channeled her passion for jewelry, particularly earrings, into a dedicated venture. With unwavering determination, she decided to specialize in crafting polymer clay earrings, recognizing the unique blend of creativity and intricacy that this medium offered. This decision marked the beginning of a meticulously planned and executed journey.

Dalia's commitment to her craft is exemplified by the meticulous process that followed – from sourcing materials to practicing her skills over months. The path was not without its challenges, as each attempt was accompanied by a learning curve filled with inevitable mistakes. However, her resilience and dedication shone through as she transformed these setbacks into stepping stones, steadily refining her techniques and elevating her craftsmanship.

Today, Dalia proudly bears the title of a self-taught polymer clay maker, a testament to her dedication, perseverance, and the depth of her creative spirit. Her journey is an inspiring example of how passion, when coupled with commitment, can lead to the mastery of a craft, making her an invaluable asset to our team.

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