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Maha Almaimouni

Part-Time Ceramic Instructor

Bachelor in medical laboratory science.

Masters in biomedicine

Certificates Earned; 

+ The Board Of International Trainers In America - Training Of Trainer (TOT).

+ Kuwait International Institue For Training And Consulting - Training Of Trainer.

+ Artzona & Bita - Certified candler maker.

+ Studio Nod, Kuwait - Certified trainer for both beginner & intermediate levels of Macrame.

Workshops Attended; 

+ Udemy Certificates

- Get Creative With Clay.

- Make It With Clay.

- Pottery Wheel Throwing & Kiln Firing.

+ Dew’s studio, Kuwait - Basic Wheel throwing.

+ Jarsbyfatma studio, Kuwait - Wheel throwing.

+ Clay Therapy Studio, Kuwait

- Introduction to Wheel throwing.

- Wheel throwing Second-level, Tea Pot.

+ Frommud, Kuwait

- Ceramic coiling.

- Kurinaki Japaneses Clay art.

+ The Ceramic School

- Geometric Tiles.

- Embossing & Debossing clay.

- About Kanthal Wire.

- Geometric Carving.

+ Dr.Jamila - wheel throw workshop 2022.

+ Potter Ali Alawad - pottery workshop 2022.

+ Nabi Studio - wheel throwing, UK Manchester.

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MaHA'S Story

“Everyone has a story & mine began with the love of pottery” ~Maha Almaimouni

Meet the vibrant soul we affectionately refer to as our "Passionate Instructor." Maha's odyssey into the world of pottery took root amidst the challenges of a pandemic, sparking a journey of creative discovery that has blossomed ever since.

In the midst of adversity, she harnessed her determination, embracing the world of clay as a means of expression and solace. Maha's pursuit of mastery led her to the doorstep of several esteemed artisans in Kuwait, from whom she imbibed a wealth of knowledge and techniques.

What truly sets Maha apart is her unwavering dedication to honing her craft. Through countless hours of practice and devotion, she has not only mastered hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques but has also ventured into the realm of specialized teaching and coaching workshops. This commitment to constant growth and learning has borne fruit in the form of multiple certificates, each a testament to her diligence and skill.

Maha's journey embodies the spirit of resilience, creativity, and the limitless capacity of human potential. As she imparts her expertise to eager minds, she not only shares techniques but also weaves stories, connecting her personal narrative with the clay she sculpts.

Contact MAHA

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+965 51182858

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