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Moayad Al-Thulaith

Part-Time Ceramic Instructor

Diploma in Communications from the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training in 1990.

Certificates Earned; 

+ Certified Trainer's Certificate in arts and crafts from Kuwait University in 2001.


+ Member of the Kuwait Society for Fine Arts.

Member of the Kuwaiti Artists Syndicate.

Founding member of the Kuwaiti Ceramic House, affiliated with the National Council for Culture, Arts, and Literature.

Member of the Kuwaiti Ancient Crafts Association.

Membership of the jury for the seventeenth joint general exhibition of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, Kuwait University, and the Ministry of Education.


+ 2023 - Al-Qurain Comprehensive Fine Arts Exhibition.

+ 2022 -  The second permanent Fine Arts exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.

+ 2021 - Kuwaiti Ceramic House Virtual Exhibition (Ceramic Dialogue).

+ Exhibition of the ceramic workshop for the Gulf Cooperation Council countries at the Kuwaiti ceramic house.

+ 2017 - Makerfair International Exhibition in Kuwait. 

+ 2015 - Kuwaiti Ceramic workshop for the Gulf Cooperation Council for Culture, Arts, and Letters.

+ 2010 - The second group ceramic exhibition, Boushahri Hall.

+ 2007 - Kuwait Festival for Plastic Creativity at the Kuwai Fine Arts Society.

+ 2005-2006 - Kuwaiti Fine Arts Exhibition at the Kuwait Fine Arts Society.

+ 2004 - The First Al-Kharafi Biennale for contemporary Kuwaiti Arts at the Kuwait Fine Arts Society.

+ 2003 - Kuwaiti Ceramicx Exhibition at the ninth Al-Qurain Cultural Festival.

+ 2002 - The first international ceramic forum exhibition in the city of choueifat (Beirut).

+ 2001 - The first Kuwait ceramic Biennale at the Kuwait Fine Arts Society.

+ 2001 - The Seventh Al-Qurain Cultural Festival Exhibition.

+ 2001 - The Fifth Cairo International Ceramic Biennale.

+ 2000 -  The Art Exhibition of the Hala February Festival, Affiliated with the National Council for the Culture, Arts, and Literature.

+ 1999 -  The first Kuwaiti ceramic festival.

+ 1992 - Handicrafts Association Exhibition.

+ 1990 - Kuwaiti Environmental Exhibition held at the Kuwait National Museum.

+ 1987-1990 - Exhibition of the General Authority for the Applied Education and Training.


+ 2020 - Art workshop entitled (Drawing Kuwaiti Heritage Landmarks on Ceramic) for children of the family nursery affiliated with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

+ 2018-2019 - Participation in the activities of the Kuwaiti Ceramic House’s cultural artistic season.

+ 2018 -  lectures on the art of shaping pottery with cupboards for members of the Kuwaiti Ceramic House within the framework of the activities of the artistic season.

+ Participation in the ceramics workshop for the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

+ 2015-2022 - Training members of the “Min Kasb Yaydi” project of the General Authority for Endowments (Ceramic Workshop).

+ 2003 - workshop to explain the art of ceramic murals on the sidelines of the Kuwaiti ceramic art exhibition for the ninth Al-Qurain Cultural Festival.

+ 2002 - workshop on the sidelines of the International Ceramics Forum in the city of Choueifat, Republic of Lebanon. 


+ 2023 - Issa Saqr Award for the Al-Qurain Comprehensive Fine Arts Exhibition of the 28th Al-Qurain Cultural Festival.

+ 2023 - ssa Saqr Creative Award for the first ceramics exhibition at the ninth Al-Qurain Cultural Festival.

+ 2022 - Al Dana Golden Award at the February 25 exhibition.

+ 1988 -  Second place award at the General Authority for Applied Education and Training exhibition.

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Moayad'S Story

Step into the rich legacy of Moayad al-Thulaith, a seasoned luminary in the Kuwaiti ceramic community, whose illustrious career spans numerous years, marked by a prolific presence in exhibitions and a collection of well-deserved awards. Moayad's name has become synonymous with the history of pottery in Kuwait, a testament to his enduring dedication and unparalleled craftsmanship.

At Clay Therapy Studio, we are privileged to have Moayad al-Thulaith as an integral part of our team. His wealth of experience and profound knowledge in ceramics has been a wellspring of inspiration for all who seek to deepen their understanding of the art. Moayad's contributions extend beyond the studio, as he generously shares his expertise, molding the next generation of ceramic enthusiasts.

Moayad's biography stands as a testament to a life shaped by passion, persistence, and artistic brilliance. His journey, marked by countless exhibitions and accolades, is a living chronicle of his commitment to the craft. As we continue to learn from this maestro, Moayad al-Thulaith remains a vital and esteemed addition to our creative community, contributing not only to the art of pottery but also to the collective knowledge and spirit of Clay Therapy Studio.

Contact Moayad

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+965 960667878

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