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Reem Ramzy

Part-Time Ceramic Instructor

Bachelor's Degree in Education.


+ Technical exhibition for Islamic units & decorations 2009
+ Technical exhibition of wooden structures 2010
+ Technical exhibition of the flat formation of clay 2011
+ Exhibition of works of art for children 2012
+ Technical exhibition of the composition of the colors of wax 2015


Training at Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum in 2006
+ Training in Egyptian Museum 2007


+ 2023 - Issa Saqr Award for the Al-Qurain Comprehensive Fine Arts Exhibition of the 28th Al-Qurain Cultural Festival.

+ 2023 - Issa Saqr Creative Award for the first ceramics exhibition at the ninth Al-Qurain Cultural Festival.

+ 2022 - Al Dana Golden Award at the February 25 exhibition.

+ 1988 -  Second place award at the General Authority for Applied Education and Training exhibition.

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REEM'S Story

Introducing our esteemed instructor, Reem Ramzi, an Egyptian artist whose passion for art has spanned over two decades, starting from her days as a student.

A pivotal figure in her journey towards professionalism was her godfather, Osama Shaarawy, an engineer with a penchant for sculpting.

With over 15 years of experience in art education within academic settings, Reem's presence in the classroom exudes patience and a genuine enthusiasm for teaching art.

Specializing in Pottery & Ceramics, she channels her artistic prowess and love for ceramics into crafting distinctive and visually captivating sculpture pieces that evoke inspiration and admiration among observers.

Contact REEM

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+965 9717 7528

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